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RIP Joe Marsico. 8-25-2011. Its been a fun journey.

August 25th, 2011

Joe Marsico, the man who lived in a rusty trolley and attended almost every Whittier City Council Meeting over the past umpteen years, was found dead from heart failure today. His big plight was to bring back the trolleys to the streets. He had big plans and schematics, “The Missing Link” he called it, to solving the public transportation riddles of Whittier. The last time I saw him, he was cleverly mergi-blending his way into the Oral Communication line. He took off his armytan fishing hat and mumbled gravelly from beneath his wiry mustache of tinypipe-cleaners, to a book-ish man standing a few people in front of me “Keep your eye on the guy standing a few people behind me. The guy in the beard. He’s a psycho. He gets up there and tries to make the City Council laugh.”

When it came time for his 3 minutes at the podium, he mentioned his failing health, asking for donations to be sent to a church he was currently staying. After his time was up, he deftly navigated back through moving people, near to where I was waiting, while a loverly soft-spoken woman approached the podium to speak on behalf of her poodle’s wishes to install new dog parks in Whittier.

Moments before the Mystery Guitarist and I approached the podium to donate books, Joe edged past a dazed elderly woman turtle-ing alongue with her walker, looked at me with a fuzzy smile and graveled, “Knockem dead!” I had seen him at the past 3 City Council Meetings I’ve visited, but this was the first time we’ve ever had an interaction. I felt like I was initiated into some kind of Unofficial Whittier City Council Meeting Club
(I can imagine a patch of that: U.W.C.C.M.C. on a flag of some sort, or over the top of an image?) at that moment. It inspired me furthur when I got up to the podium. http://bit.ly/librarysong

After I handed out the books and walked to say goodbye to him, he said ‘Great job’ and we administered Official Politician-Patented Handshakes. I am honoured to have met him and entertained this Whittier Legend before he left us for The Great Trolley in the Cosmos.

Here is what the Whittier Daily News had to say about him: http://bit.ly/oO6nLa

I am including some articles of his adventures through the years, so U can get to know him a little bit better…


We Shall Miss Our Neighbourhood Trolleyman

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August 25th, 2011 17:41:51

Whittier Zombie Pub Crawl Hotline

July 10th, 2011

Last night’s Uptown Whittier Zombie Pub Crawl was a magnificent occasion! I was out there with Don Pie (dressed a carnival-barker) and the Bible School Zombie (in clown bandit mode) improvising songues to the Whittierites and klownbies-alike! We met a photographer, Stephanie Zazou, who snapped some of the action. She was bitten by an undead, not realizing they were all real, but they in fact…were, and she is most likely chompin’ on brains with her cornflakes at this very moment. She performed a noble and generous act of bravery by documenting the remaining moments of her humanlife, on 35mm and a digital videocamera, of our charades in Whittier. If her zombie-self remembers, maybe she will post the pictures and video online somewhere? Please find us on Facebook, Stephanie!

Killer Klown Zombies with kazoos!

We also hung out with the Yeastie Boys for a short time before their show and shook hands with the Zombie King. The BSZ and I intended on coming back later to see them play in an hour at the Firehouse Grill after spending more time warbling alongue Greenleaf, getting tangled up in side streets and parking lots. Don Pie stayed behind to talk some official clown business. After a little while of us funtertaining the traffic at the stoplights, Stephanie noticed some ole’ familiar college chums. We bade her goodbye until next time. There were still furthur adventures and mayhaps to discover. While clacking my heels up a little too high and a little too often, demonstrating my theory of an ideal ‘jig’ maneuver inside Geeks, I landed on my foot strangely. Bible School Zombie nearly had to piggy back ride me out of there. I am sorry for missing the Yeastie Boys but I look forward to seeing them play sometime. Don Pie is always raving about them.

We also had fun talking to the callers who got through on the hotline. Some of U might have been led right to the voicemail while we were on the phone with someone else. If U happened to record our conversation, please feel free to post it! Without furthur ado, some exquisite zombie messages (some of which have phone number edits)….BAY-beh! @:-{D))

7-8-11 Zombie invasion number edit

7-9-11 Where are the zombies -CA

7-9-11 Zombie Crawl Starting Point

7-9-11 MissLadybug Whittier

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July 10th, 2011 19:17:43

Cali-for-ni-a with Doofie McDonald 10-14-09

July 09th, 2011

My cousin Doofie from Tennessee has now entered the 22nd Century…and what new technology did he acquire…BAY-beh!?

Cousin Doofie McDonald 10-14-09

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July 09th, 2011 15:39:51

Proof is in the Put-in. 7-5-11

July 07th, 2011

If U read the post before this, then U are right where U should be. If U still need to read the post before this, please feel free to check it out. It is a pre-quel of sorts (or is this a sequel?) and by listening to the message caught on 765-2-DOOBIE, U will have a re-awakening of angelic proportions.

Now, back to the sheooow!
U just might find Urself downloading this little ditty into Ur iPods. There are quite a few messages just like this on the hotline, with fancifully focused folks bearing/baring the Silverfoxes of their Souls upon the phoneline’s imagiscape and I aim to post more….BAY-beh! @:-{D))

7-5-11 Laughing maniacally-CA

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July 07th, 2011 13:04:51

Please Come Back, CA

July 06th, 2011

The Hotline is filled with tremendous historical data each and every millimoment. As Pink Floyd says, ‘If you don’t eat Ur meat, U can’t have any pudding. How can U have any pudding if you don’t eat Ur meat?’ The meat of this matter just so happens to tug on the ol’ heartstrings. The next post will be Ur pudding.
1-22-11 Please Come Back

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